PENSA Electrical Projects of Nicaragua, S.A.

Electrifying the Progress
We offer our clients specialization in Electro Mechanical. We Provide security and professionalism in each of our projects.  | Cambie a Version en Español


1 - Design, construction and maintenance of distribution lines (Primary and secondary). 

2 - Construction of electrical circuit  (Industrial and residential).

3 - Facilities and maintenance of generation systems. 

4- Installations of transformers, high voltage distribution lines and grounding system  distribution. 

5 - Consulting, project monitoring and implementation of electrical engineering.


6 - Energy auditing for assessing the eficient use of energy to verify if electric bill matches the clients consumption.

7 - Diagnosis of electrical installations. 

8 - Intallation of compressed air system and distribution.

9 - Design of electrical drawings.