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Assay insulating oils

Accurate measurement results and reliable

The insulating oils are the vital elixir of electrical installations . Due to impurities and aging, these oils are losing its insulating and cooling properties. As a result , the installation is damaged and failures that often carry a high cost.

The law obliges to perform tests of insulating oils , and these trials are regulated by national and international standards. The insulating oil testers BAUR noted for its world- renowned quality , which has a direct and immediate effect:

§  Accuracy , reliability and scope of the measurement results

§  Reducing the time and money spent on testing

§  High degree of individualization and ease of application

§  Long service life of equipment

Detection of dielectric / insulating oil breakdown Assayers

DPA 60 C - Insulating Oil Tester DPA 75 C - Insulating Oil Tester DTA 100 C - Insulating Oil Tester

DTA IL - Insulating Oil Tester

Dissipation factor measurement / insulating oil tester

DTL C - Insulating Oil Tester


Cable testing and diagnosis


For the flow of energy.


As regards testing and diagnostic technology for medium voltage , the range of products BAUR covers all key needs of network operators.

The testers are required to commission correctly networks underground cables after hanging or repair . Diagnostic kits are used to assess the state of the cables. This allows to anticipate and optimally plan maintenance and thereby minimize failures . To carry out this plan, any other diagnostic system offers a solid foundation as equipment BAUR.

With truesinus® digital technology BAUR offers the most modern technology of generating tension VLF (Very Low Frequency 0.1 Hz ). With it, in the modern average voltage cables can carry out testing and extremely careful and adjusted to the rules diagnostics.


BAUR also offers the ideal equipment for testing voltage cables with older designs ( p . Ex. In insulated cables impregnated paper ).


Test AC / DC - High voltage testers

PGK 70 HB - High Voltage Tester PGK 70/2.5 HB - High Voltage Tester PGK 110 HB - High Voltage Tester

PGK 110/5 HB - High Voltage Tester PGK 150 HB - High Voltage Tester PGK 260 HB - High Voltage Tester

Test DC - DC high voltage testers

PGK 25 - DC High Voltage Tester PGK 50 - DC High Voltage Tester PGK 80 - DC High Voltage Tester

Portable test VLF  - Tester and diagnostic equipment VLF

FRIDA - Assayer and Diagnostic Equipment VLF VIOLA - High Voltage Tester and Diagnostic Equipment BAUR PHG 80 PORTABLE - Test System VLF

Test Laptop VLF/ Notebook diagnostics tan delta

FRIDA TD - Assayer and Diagnostic Equipment VLF VIOLA TD - Tester and Diagnostic Equipment VLF

Test VLF / Diagnosis

PHG 70 TD - Diagnosis System VLF PHG 70 TD / PD - System Test and Diagnosis VLF PHG 80 TD / PD - System Test and Diagnosis VLF

Location PD Online

LIONA - Measurement Equipment DP Online PD - SGS / Manual DP Line Detector

Measuring PD

Partial Discharge Inductor

PD diagnosis

PD TAD 60 - Portable Diagnostic System DP BAUR PD Portable

AC voltage source

DAC 30 Kv - Source of Tension DAC 60 Kv - Source of Tension DAC 100 Kv - Source of Tension

Cable fault location


The fastest way to the source of the malfunction.


Despite its advanced development , cable systems continue to suffer breakdowns for different reasons. To correct faults , in addition to well-trained , highly efficient equipment workers require. 

Equipment and systems troubleshooting BAUR cover the entire process of locating cable faults : prelocation By determining the approximate position of the fault. Then the final location can determine the exact point where the fault has occurred in the cable. Depending on the type of fault and the type of cable , you can apply measurement

Transformer burned

ATG 2 - Power Transformer ATG 6000 - Power Transformer

Pulse refractometer

IRG 2000 - Pulse Reflection Meter IRG 3000 - Pulse Reflection Meter TDR 500 - Pulse Reflection Meter
TDR 510 - Pulse Reflection Meter

Cable identification

KSG 100 - Identification System KSG 100 T - Identification System

Troubleshooting in cable sheaths

SHIRLA - Test Equipment and Location Averias KMF - Receiver Location UL 30 - Universal Locator

Phase determination

PAULA - Equipment for the testing phases

Shock voltage generator

 SSG 500 - Tension Generator  SSG 1100 - Tension Generator SSG 1500 - Tension Generator

SSG 2100 - Generador Tension SSG 3000 - Generador Tension STG 600 - Generador Tension


CL 20 - Cable Locator TG 20/50 - Issuer Audio Frequency TG 600 - Issuer Audio Frequency

Localización final

UL 30 - Audio Frequency System