PENSA Electrical Projects of Nicaragua, S.A.

Electrifying the Progress
We are a company specialized in the design and service of electrical installations in Nicaragua and Central America. PENSA has over 10 years of experience providing services in the field of Industrial and Residential Electricity.  | Cambie a Version en Español


Geothermal Energy
PENSA - Provides advice on maintenance, care and management of the geothermal reservoir.

Advice on the development of new geothermal concessions.

Productive state of the geothermal field.

Mechanical condition of equipment (plant and field).

State instrumentation and control equipment.

Electrical state of the facilities.



Wind Energy
PENSA - Provides Maintenance, Component Overhaul, Overhaul Life Extension and its turbines.

This package of amendments maximizes the performance of the turbine, increasing availability and reducing operating and maintenance costs, increasing the mean time between failures and reduce repair time of the turbines.




Bio Energy
PENSA - Advises and develops projects of Bio energy generation plants King Grass as its excellent heat, quick growth factor and density of foliage which is considered a fabulous combustible material to be processed in boilers and get electricity generation. de energía eléctrica.